Sex Therapists Project

Portrait of sex therapists and factors influencing their practice


Who can participate?

All sexologists practicing psychotherapy are invited to participate in this study, regardless of the clientele and approach. The questionnaires are only available in french.

About this study

As a human sexuality professional offering clinical services, you are invited to participate to this study: “Portrait of sex therapists and of factors influencing their practice”.

This study aims to acquire a better comprehension of factors influencing sex therapy practice, the needs and well-being of sex therapists, and as specialists, their definitions of key concepts (e.g., sexual desire and orgasm). Your participation involves the completion of questionnaires (30 to 45 minutes). To fill the lack of empirical information about sex therapy, on the favourable elements for those who practice it, and on their needs for training, your participation is precious. This study is conducted under the responsibility of Professor Natacha Godbout and Professor Martine Hébert, and is approved by the UQAM ethics committee.

For more information, contact the project coordinator, Anne-Julie, at the following address: