Parental Couples Project

Couple relationship is one of the most significative relationship in adulthood. Besides, a satisfying romantic relationship is one of the most important determinants of happiness and physical and psychological wellbeing. However, the birth of a child represents a developmental stage and a major life event that may be accompanied by a lowering of psychosocial functioning, for each partner and for the parental couple. Indeed, it typically causes significant structural changes and new pressures on a couple’s emotional and material resources.

This project aims to understand the relationship between interactions among parents of young children and their psychological and couple well-being, and to compare the different trajectories in terms of family history of each parent. As such, we aim at better understanding the influence of co-parents’ relationship on child’s adjustment.

This project’s outcomes will provide significant information for the development of educative and preventive programs that are targeted for individuals, couples, and families who are expecting the birth of a child.


Couple with a baby child