Health Outcomes in Male Survivors of Interpersonal Violence

Men's Health

A research project funded by the CIHR is currently being conducted by our research unit and aims to update the knowledge of existing data and research needs on men who are victims of violence.


This project has resulted in a meta-analysis that aims to identify all the studies published in the past 10 years on the association between childhood interpersonal trauma and sustained or perpetrated intimate partner violence in adulthood. Such a project is deemed essential since current research emphasizes a paucity of studies on men who are victims of violence, show inconsistencies in available results and show a lack of clarity in the definitions used. Our results highlight that studies typically focus on men as perpetrators of intimate partner violence and struggle to document their experiences of victimization.

Other projects

In line with this concern to document men’s trauma experiences and their ramifications, our research projects consider gender effects and the particularities of repercussions in men.The work of Marie-Pier Vaillancourt-Morel has unravelled that men survivors of child sexual abuse report more sexual compulsion and extradyadic sexual involvement than women who have sustained similar childhood interpersonal trauma. Her work also reveals gender similarities since in both men and women, the relational status moderates the sexual repercussions and the presence of sexual compulsion and avoidance are associated with an increase in marital distress.Anne-Julie Lafrenaye-Dugas examines gender effects on the role of romantic attachment in the associations between cumulative trauma and therapeutic alliance in order to improve therapeutic approaches used with survivors. Finally, a collaboration with a qualitative project is currently in progress and is entitled « Description of the worst experience within a dating context by boys who report having undergone physical violence in their romantic relationships », led by Martine Hébert.

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