BAVAC Project

Boys can be victims too.

In Québec, one boy in ten is victim of sexual abuse before the age of 18. Given the social taboos associated with this issue, male survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) take on average more than 40 years to disclose the abuse they have suffered from, and few services are ready to welcome them once they disclose their stories. In close partnership with the Family and child sexual abuse action centre and Professors Martine Hébert and Jean-Martin Deslauriers, TRACE team put in place a therapeutic intervention group for men victims of CSA.

Born from the Momentum project, Moment'Hommes victimes d'ASE aims to document the issues of male victims of CSA experience, to document the range of existing practices for male victims of CSA, and to test the effectiveness of these services in partnership with community organizations in Quebec. The project also aims to develop and disseminate material to raise awareness and inform the opublic about realities and needs of male victims, and to promote networking and information sharing among the various organizations that meet with male victims of CSA, researchers, clinicans, and the general population.

Our team has put into place the National Collective on Male Sexual Victimization (CNVAM), as well as the diffusion of our first video capsule (in French).

This project is funded by the ministère de la Justice du Québec.